How Contract Manufacturers are Beneficial to Your Brand


 Contract Manufacturing plays a crucial function in the manufacturing and launching of  dietary supplements (chewables, capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, etc.)A variety of pharmaceutical groups rely upon those services to manufacture different forms of medicine. Contract manufacturing has become standard in the supplement industry and would be a great opportunity for your business.

VITA-genLabs can assist in printing your logo and label, package the product for client promotions, and even offer order fulfillment services, shipping your client their products immediately. We’ll help you develop the ideal formula, packaging, and advertising strategy. In addition to first-rate manufacturing, we also offer top-rate customer service at each segment of your product creation.

VITA-gen Labs is with you every step of the way, from production, manufacturing, and packaging of your product. If needed, VITA-gen Labs can help you come up with a customized formula. VITA-gen Labs is responsible for managing the entire process.


 VITA-genLabs is a certified GMP manufacturer. Our products go through multiple quality assurance tests at every stage of the supply chain, including manufacturing, designing, and packaging.

Extensive quality checks are made before any ingredient is released to production. Final products are retested before released for shipment. Our processes are documented and validated throughout the manufacturing process of your product.

VITA-gen Labs puts every product and ingredient through rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe for consumers and meets all FDA guidelines.

Below are a few factors which help us classify ingredients as being safe:

  • Composition is based on completely natural ingredients
  • They are chemical and hazardous free
  • There are no fillers or binders used.

Contract Manufacturing is the fastest manner to get new products to the marketplace. Breaking into the supplement industry may be difficult without the proper mix of expertise and a quality product. VITA-gen Labs is able to provide the best manufacturing and branding services, to quickly enhance your sales.

Benefits of VITA gen Labs Contract Manufacturers

VITA-genLabs also manage the manufacturing and design process to ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of the products we make. VITA-gen Labs makes it easier, less expensive and more efficient to bring new products to market and distribute them widely.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is incorporated throughout the entire process, as we are committed to delivering high-quality products. We build a transparent relationship with our clients.


By manufacturing with VITA-gen Labs, companies can achieve huge cost savings, because we already know the manufacturing process and already have the expertise, invested in the appropriate equipment, technology and staff.


With all the benefits of contract manufacturing, it truly pays to have a partner like VITA-gen Labs. As an industry professional, we know all of the laws, regulations, and best practices to ensure your product/formula has the best chance to achieve success.

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